Simple search

Simple search allows you to find data resources using key words or phrases of interest to you.

  1. Enter a search term in the search box. For example water chemistry
  2. As you type, records that contain your search terms are displayed.
  3. To find out more information about a resource, click on it in the results list.


Hints & tips

The simple search finds partial matches where they are at the beginning of a word – so a search for forest returns records containing forest, forestry and forestries but not deforestation.

To broaden a search, you can use the asterisk (*). This is a substitute for a letter or sequence of letters in the search term. For example, searching for *forest will return results containing forest, forestry, forestries, deforestation, afforestation, etc.

Search for multiple terms by simply separating words with a space. For example searching for land cover will return any records containing the word land OR cover as well as records containing the phrase land cover.

If you want to restrict your search to a specific phrase, enclose it in double quote marks (" "). For example searching for "land cover" will return results containing the phrase land cover but not records which contain the words land or cover separately.

For more powerful search techniques see: Advanced search