Search using the map

To search for data resources from a specific geographic location, use the map search. To activate, click the Map Search toolbar.



A map will be displayed.  Drag the map and use the zoom in/out buttons to find the location you are interested in.

To search, click on the pencil icon and draw a boundary on the map. The results list will display all data resources in that area.

The location of the resource highlighted in the results list is shown on the map as a green circle or rectangle.


Search within and overlapping

There are two types of map search, which you can toggle by choosing from the drop down menu in the map search toolbar.


"Entirely within" will return records whose geographic location is entirely within your search boundary.

"Overlapping" will return records within your search boundary but will also return records whose geographic boundary overlaps the boundary.

In this example, an "overlapping" search returns 1,2 and 3 but an "Entirely within" search will return ONLY dataset 2.