Download or order data

Having found a data resource that is of interest, you can download a copy.

If a dataset in catalogue is available to order, an "Download the data" link will be present in the detailed view for that record.

get the data

  If you are not already logged in, clicking the download link will prompt you to do so before you can proceed

The relevant Terms & Conditions of use of the data will be shown and you will be asked to confirm your acceptance. (If you have already accepted the terms of the licence on a previous visit, this stage will be skipped).

If the dataset is small, it will download to your computer immediately. If the dataset is large, you may see a list of files which you can download individually.

For a small number of datasets, (e.g. some Land Cover Map products) you may be asked to complete a few more steps in order to customise the download to your requirements. Such datasets are sent to your email. The time taken to prepare your data and send it by email depends on the size of the dataset and its complexity. In the vast majority of cases, it is sent within 5-10 minutes. However, some may take several hours. If you have not received download instructions within 24 hours, you should email, quoting your order number.